Design Layouts

For each vertical, we have 4 readymade website design layouts. The layouts can be used as a source of inspiration for builders to find new ideas. This is the starting point of the creative process, as builders can easily access design elements within the layout and customize the site to reflect the customer’s goals.

Sample Content

Copywriters can consult pre-written content for each vertical. This sample copy is generic and non-specific, meaning that it can be applied to nearly any business within the vertical. Copywriters should use this for inspiration and avoid copy-pasting this sample content whenever possible, since multiple websites using the same text will hurt search engine rankings.

Service Guides

Service guides contain in-depth information about the services performed by businesses within each vertical. Depending on the industry, this may include definitions of technical terminology and explanations of products, procedures and materials. In addition to technical details, these guides offer information about selling points and SEO-friendly keywords, allowing us to make our websites more effective as a sales tool. These guides allow copywriters to save time when researching about a vertical.


Surveys are a quick way to get information about the services that a client can perform. We have a different survey for each vertical, and the client can let us know which services they perform. The surveys correspond to the service guides, giving copywriters enough information to build a comprehensive site with only minimal client engagement.