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Our Success Stories

The service guides are especially helpful when I'm working on a vertical I don't know well. I recently wrote a 9-page paving site with only a couple of words per page supplied by the client. The service guide allowed me to meet our word count guidelines while creating keyword-friendly copy with customer benefits and informative details."

Kim Chan, Copywriting Specialist

I’ve used a few service guides to assist me in my copywriting, and I’ve found them to be very helpful. I was able to choose effective keywords for my sites from the SEO section on the guides. I’ve also found that for the bigger sites, 20-40 pages, the comprehensive information really assists me in writing complete, keyword rich pages on specific services. I used the Chiropractor guide for a 30 page site I had and it was incredibly helpful and the client loved the copy; the only revision requested before publication was to add newly supplied content for their About Us page."

Patrick Colvin, Copywriting Specialist

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